TASK – Technical Assistance, Service and Know-how

The concept of Heimbach’s TASK departement is unique. It stands for “Technical Assistance, Service and Know-How” and enables Heimbach to be single source supplier to the entire filtration facility.

TASK offers:
Services related to maintenance and installation of filtration facilities even under the most difficult conditions (e.g.filter bag replacement and inspection).

Supply of accessories and spares for the filtration facilities, e.g. supporting cages, leak detection powder and much more.

Patented systems such as e.g. in situ filter bag cleaning with the Heimbach “High Efficiency Cleaning” (HEC) system or performance checks on installed filter bags by measuring the pressure drop with the Heimbach-LD-Mobile.

All of these jobs are performed by Heimbach specialists and therefore the strictest demands on safety regulations and environmental protection are 100% observed. The TASK service departement completely fulfills all requirements of the SCC check list.