Facts & Figures

Heimbach Group 2018

Turnover:171 Mio. Euro
Research & Development:3,5 % of turnover


In 1811 the entrepreneur Thomas Josef Heimbach formed a textile business, initially manufacturing clothing textiles. The company’s headquarters were then and still are today in Düren: Because of the Rur’s soft water, lending itself exceptionally well to paper manufacture, numerous producers set up here. Heimbach recognised the opportunity and switched their line of production from clothing fabrics to felts for handmade paper. Today’s main area of business, “paper machine clothing”, was born.


To this day Heimbach has been a loyal partner to the paper industry, regionally but also globally. We supply this industry with fabrics and felts for all sections and all paper grades. Two further business divisions developed from the core business over time: industrial filtration and technical textiles.


In times of climate change and increasing environmental pollution our filter media contribute to the preservation of the environment. They purify air and water. There are various other applications, such as in the food and beverages industries for the production of milk powder, and many more. Our third business division, technical textiles, also supplies this industry. Moreover, technical textiles are used in a variety of other sectors, such as the construction and car industries. Thus, and on a daily basis, every one of us encounters products whose production Heimbach may have contributed to.


You can read here about the development of Heimbach, from formation until today, about the market launches of various products and other milestones. Enjoy!